A feast for the eyes, grab a bite.

Commitment issues.

Well, let’s blame school – I love taking pictures, make no mistake, but for the past two years, getting to that step of editing, sharing, exploring what the photo is all about, it escapes me.

I’m going to try again while wrapping up my masters. Boy, do I have a lot of pictures to share…

Let’s start here. The warmest year on record has touched nearly every corner of the planet – even “old reliable” when it comes to winter, Canada.

The thaw, then freeze, then thaw – is on.


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A winter like so many winters weren’t…a normal winter. Yet just as soon as it gave us rich cold, ice and snow, it was swept away with the current! The salty grime of early spring gave way to beautiful sun – and then a bit too much sun – to bring us now to a […]

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Happy April, friends! Here are my top 4 reasons for loving this winter, true for any winter at all but particularly this one, the most “normal” I have experienced in living memory! Onward to spring – let’s conserve our bounty of water we received as a gift this past winter. How? Start a rain garden, […]

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Happy Thursday everyone, I had considered spending some time in this post to address the few yet loud-mouthed remarks about how the current extreme southward flow of the jet stream, called a “polar vortex” by many, is direct proof of climate change being false, made-up and a general waste of time and money. Those of […]

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A New Year but also a fresh, frosty week of winter weather. The coldest week yet for Southern Ontario follows an ice storm which, including public infrastructure has wreaked havoc on the health of street trees and the overall tree canopy. There was even a Christmas Eve surprise for many across the GTA, something I […]

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Spring is quickly passing by into the burning, blooming bounty that is summer – which means barrels of outdoor fun, bushels of harvest and buckets of berries! Before this boisterous season blatantly bests our moister cousin, lets enjoy the leaves of spring, shall we? :]

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Not what you think. But it should be. Get out and enjoy the amazing spring weather – just be sure to watch your step!

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One of my final hikes this satisfying winter – following years of a warm, short seasons of snow. This winter has just been normal (despite everyone’s incessant complaints) but I have come to appreciate it for so much more. I wanted to share with you some of the small – yet remarkable – sights of seasonal transition here in […]

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Here’s a look at some regal, towering figures I have encountered in my many winter hikes and bikes. Cloaked in the softest white and sometimes adorned with frosty jewellery these are truly the royalty of our grand snowscape, now nearing it’s close. Enjoy these magnificent creatures, and appreciate what they provide to us with such […]

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A two-booted (sometimes two-wheeled) odyssey through the ice, snow, and fluff, building my appreciation of this complex and magnificent city, Mississauga, Ontario. Each week I hope to continue sharing adventures of new places, tours and trials across my city and across the seasons – for now I will focus on the wonders of winter – […]